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PAINTINGS BY Derek Lind...
In front of 'Not Again' with William Dart, the long-time editor of Art New Zealand (May 2019)

Micah 6:8 - SOLD 2019 (a similar work currently in studio - details by request)
W 940mm x H 540mm $1300

CURRENT WORK FOR SALE - inquiry details HERE via email and phone

Below $455 each  (frame measures 385H x 310W mm)

16. SOLD

Derek Lind Art Exhibition - 2019

Derek's paintings may be available for sale at some of his shows
(If interested in purchasing Derek's art, please contact his manager here)

A selection of 2017 - 2018 paintings in a variety of sizes;
'Not Again' - 2017 paint on wood 2080 x 1260mm (for sale)
'Three Days Man' 2017 paint on wood 1250 x 560mm (for sale)


2015 - 2016 Various Pieces (In private collections - including kickstarter backers & supporters of 'SOLO')Derek Lind SOLO album themed paintings 2015/2016