Derek Lind spent much of his life as a high school teacher, in charge of the art department of a large Auckland school. He has a degree in Fine Arts (Auckland University – Elam) with a painting major. Derek undertakes concerts throughout New Zealand and has been touring New Zealand since the 1980’s. He has played numerous church-tours, festivals, small towns, prisons, universities and high schools. Along the way Derek has promoted the work of the relief and development agency, Tear Fund.

Lind has also performed at international festivals including Greenbelt Festival in England, Australia's Blackstump Festival, and the Cornerstone Festival in the USA. He has spent time visiting relief and development projects in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India the Philippines and Thailand for Tear Fund. He has a heart for issues of justice, compassion and equity, particularly for the oppressed minorities of the world.

Lind has played at major arts and music festivals in NZ and supported international acts such as Sam Philips, Michelle Shocked, and the Hot House Flowers.

Derek has recorded seven albums to extensive critical approval and has been awarded two NZ music awards and an APRA Silver Scroll nomination.

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Derek Lind megaphone

Derek Lind & Glenn Ross Campbell playing together at Roundhead Studios - Newton, Auckland

(above) Derek Lind & Glenn Ross Campbell listening-back together at Roundhead Studios - Newton, Auckland

Derek's music is in the tradition of the singer-songwriter, drawing its influences from blues, country and rock music. Influences include Dylan, Neil Young, T-Bone Burnette, John Prine, Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson, Peter Case, John Hiatt & Van Morrison.

Derek has on occasions gathered a collective of kindred spirits, singers and musicians around him to perform gospel-blues songs. The collective has a revolving door and over 20 players have participated in various events. Checkout their band site here; The Redemption Highway Collective

He is equally at home as a solo performer playing acoustic guitar, or leading a band. His desire is that his music confronts people as to their response to social issues, their personal relationships and their spirituality.